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I’m an illustrator and a children’s book author. I grew up in China and I am currently based in Cambridge, UK, where I work on several areas in illustration and children books.

I started drawing when l was teenager in high school. In 2015,I gained bachelor ’s degree in Animation in China, which introduced me the world of illustration. My graduation work ‘Maritime Treasure Map’ was awarded gold prize in the 2nd Macao contemporary illustration competition.

Exploring the further possibility of my artwork, l decided to study my MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, which has helped me a lot. Not only did it make me sketch my life again, it introduced me to new techniques such as printmaking. I enjoyed the unique textures which the riosgraphy machine could produce, and ended up combing it with final artworks.

For more perusing please don't hesitate to visit my website which includes my recently print and artworks.