Hello! I grew up and still live by the sea, on the Suffolk Coast. I spent my childhood illustrating school work ‘beautifully’ and long school holidays drawing while my mum permed and set old ladies’ hair.

After graduating with a First-class degree in Design Crafts, I taught printmaking and drawing for fourteen years until I found myself on this wonderful MA.

I have discovered that my hometown and surrounding areas have influenced my work and the remnants of a thriving fishing town, industrial and working landscapes are all inspiring to me. I have developed a deep love for the everyday, people, workers and places.

Whilst I love printmaking, I also like the raw and honest nature of pencil and ink, perhaps reflecting the honest and hard-working fishing heritage of my home town.

I like to draw from observation and this course has taught me to allow my observational eye to work alongside my imagination, opening up a whole new world to me.