Growing up in the northernmost town in England, the southernmost town in France and the smallest country in Europe, books were my constant companions. Many times I fantasised about being accidentally locked into a bookshop overnight, preferably with a cat. I have always drawn, written and dreamt stories. My interest in art and narrative led me to study English and Art History at York University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, I discovered jobs that involved facilitating children's creativity and eventually worked out how to survive as an adult and as an artist. Now, when without a sketchbook, my fingers start itching to draw.


The Masters has taught me how much I am capable of and helped me discover the best use for my artistic voice is in strengthening children's imaginations through joy and humour. I like to use mono print and pencils and am always delving into explorations of colour. My appreciation of people's puzzling charms and loveable flaws informs the way I draw characters.  I aim to spend the rest of my life meeting new characters in my drawings and making stories for them in books. There is nothing more magical.


Same but Different picture book

Same But Different picture book

The Tiny Folk and The Shoemaker picture book.

The Tiny Folk and The Shoemaker picture book.