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SARAH APRIL MERRITT    07805610357



I love animals, fairy tales and the natural world. I also like space, the internet, fashion and people watching. 

I was mostly a digital artist before I came to Cambridge, and while I still enjoy rendering images digitally I enjoy the textures that come from traditional methods. I am particularly inspired by screenprinting and risograph, and like to experiment with arranging layers digitally to create a loose feel. I love to paint with gouache and work coloured pencil on top. I want to keep experimenting with colour, texture and shape, to find new and exciting ways to create characters.

Before coming to Cambridge I read English at Exeter, where I became particularly interested in critical theory such as feminist and postcolonial studies. I am most inspired by fantasy, and stories about love and friendship.

My master's stage project, 'The Wolf in the Wood', is about a girl who leaves her village to discover her true animal identity in the forest.

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