Falling in love with illustration at an early age, I discovered Aubrey Beardsley’s lovely line in ‘Simone’, loved Jan Pienkowski’s silhouettes over marbled backgrounds in ‘Tales from Beneath the Sea’, became entranced by Brian Froud and Alan Lee’s ‘Fairies’, and adored the fairy tales from the Golden Age by Rackham, Nielsen and Dulac.  At primary school my friend and I would sneak into the classroom during the lunch hour to copy illustrations from ‘James and the Giant Peach’ by Nancy Ekholm Burkert, amongst others.  So it is no surprise that I enrolled on the MA at Cambridge School of Art, just that I waited so long.

I am a printmaker and mixed media artist with a passion for words and stories, my inspirations are found in nature, mythology, folk and fairy tale.  My bold designs, the atmosphere and colour will take you on a journey through the mysterious and magical world.

Winter Squirrel - Sarah Turpin
Summer Squirrel - Sarah Turpin
Life in the Old Oak ~ Autumn Sarah Turpin
Pan ~ Faun of the Woods - Sarah Turpin
Bride of Bluebeard by Sarah Turpin
Bride of Bluebeard by Sarah Turpin