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My name is Tong Mu. I am 27 years old. I am a quiet girl, sometime too quiet and a little withdrawn. But my mind is not static. I am a more freewill illustrator, and my pictures are full of imagination and can be said to be something inside of me. You can read my stories, my feelings, even your stories or your feelings from my pictures. I'm very proud of it, and I'm good at it. I used to love things that were beautiful, like cute animals or elves. But now I'm more concerned with my own inner feelings,especially after my depression. But I think my painting has become more vitality and appeal than before. Before I went to Cambridge School of Art, I had never received such education. But I've always been a fan of children's book illustrations. Although my undergraduate major was product design, I became a long-term contract illustrator for Chinese Children's Publishing House. I also did illustrations for other books. Although I'm not interested in product design as you can see, I am still very persistent in children's book illustration. During my postgraduate study, I also participated in the work class activity of Saint Matthew primary school as a volunteer. I think maybe my love for this major partially comes from those lovely kids. I'm really a lucky person, and I can choose what I like. I'm going to move on.